6 Reasons Why Girls Falls For Bad Boys

Did you ever tried to understand black-holes or why girls fall for bad boys? Hey you there!! Are you that mr. Nice guy who thinks why not me? Well sometimes I feel the same. So today let’s reveal some of the reasons why girls choose bad boys. Note: If you are a Mr. Nice Guy this blog is just for fun and it is not meant to hurt your sentiments. Here are some of the reasons how a bad boy out-performs a good boy:

bad guyPhoto Credit Pexel

1. Mr. Bad Guy is a Rule Breaker:

Mr. Bad Guy loves himself more than anything in the world. From a girl’s perspective, he is interesting. And why the hell is that? Remember, women need someone who can bring them out of mediocrity and monotony. Ever heard about adrenaline rush? They need someone who can give them that moment of excitement. They need someone who keeps them on their toes.

2. Mr. Bad Guy is Full Of Confidence:

“Confidence is Sexy!” Believe me bad boys are full of confidence. From the women’s perspective nothing is more sexy and attractive than a man who has that gut and goes for what he wants. Mr. Bad Guy clearly knows nobody in the world owes him anything hence works his ass off to get whatever he wants in life.

3. Girls are Influenced By Media:

We come across many movies that features women falling in love with “a total jerk” who turns out to be nice at the end. These movies conclude that not all bad boys are evil and worthless.

4. Many A Times Girls Just Want Have Fun:

Mr. Nice guy is a marrying type of guy and some women just avoid them because they don’t want be “tied”. Remember women too are afraid to commit and settling down just as men.

5. Mr. Bad Guy is Never a Victim:

Unlike Mr. Nice Guy, Mr. Bad Guy know that the world is a tough place to live. Hence he make conscious decisions to live his life at the fullest that make him a winner and not a victim. Here Mr. Bad Guy is followed by success and women while Mr. Nice Guy is troubled with whining, disappointment and loneliness.

6. Looks Do Matter:

Mr. Bad Guy will always try to stand out of the crowd. He knows the importance of looking good and dressing good and this ensures that he is always at his best. Mr. Bad Guy earns a point over Mr. Nice Guy.

Bad boys are fully aware of their nature which leads them to succeed in matter of both career and women.