Jack Ma’s 30 Tips For Success

You definitely know Jack Ma but for some of you who don’t, Jack Ma is the founder and executive chairman of Alibaba Group. If you ever think of any company which can give a healthy competition to Jeff Bezos’s Amazon, its Jack Ma’s Alibaba, one of the largest e-commerce business in the world originating from China. Jack Ma took an initiative to start his own company on 4th April, 1999 with couple of family members. Alibaba was a self-made e-commerce company which took its roots in a small apartment.

jack ma 30 tips for success

So let us look at Jack Ma’s 30 Tips for Success:

1.  List 3 important things everyday

2.  Arrive office 10 minutes earlier than others

3.  Think for few seconds before you speak

4.  Count to 30 before throwing a tantrum

5.  If there is a doubt, go for the hardest thing

6.  Assign deadlines to everything

7.  Be a front row sitter

8.  Observe people walking in front of you

9.   Leave office 10 minutes later than others

10.  Find enthusiasm in everything you do

11.   Praise other behind their backs

12.   Remember the name of everyone around you

13.   Pay attention to everyone around you

14.   Allow others to speak and let them finish speaking

15.   Promise less, deliver more

16.   Praise people before criticizing them

17.   Carry a pen and paper. Always.

18.   After waking up, take 5 minutes to note down your dreams

19.   Make a list of weaknesses and come over them one by one

20.   Don’t fail to observe important decisions

21.   Before you sleep take 5 minutes to ask 5 questions to yourself

22.   Keep smiling

23.   Eat breakfast with your family

24.   Meet new friends through old one’s

25.   Read a book for half an hour a day

26.   Never bring work home

27.   Create a checklist with 4 short-term goals and a main goal

28.   Your main goal shouldn’t be making money

29.   Keep your goals in front of you and read them several times a day

30.   Take immediate action.

Jack Ma used to tell his employees that, “We are in this business not to make money, but to tell the Americans that Chinese are more powerful and intellectually stronger and that they can actually beat them with this Silicon Valley from China”. It was all possible due his powerful, exciting and a compelling story. He created a cause. Today, Alibaba is one of the largest retail businesses with 0% investment of its own.

·  Jack Ma is 2nd richest billionaire in China

·  23rd  richest billionaire in the world

·  28th most powerful businessman in the world

·  8th richest in Technology

·  Awarded – Global Game Changer 2016 (Source Forbes).

Adding a final line quoted by Jack Ma, “If you don’t give up, you still have a chance. Giving up is the greatest failure.”

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