Perception Is Everything

“What you perceive is what you believe.” Your thoughts will describe what you want to see and become. Perception is a belief which is hidden and which is obtained from early childhood. As the day passes by, these perceptions are altered by the environment in which we live. Unfortunately it become so easy to forget the one we want to be. What if we develop a vision that lets us come over on all negative things and let us concentrate on what we want to achieve. Let us do something that will allow us to make most of our talent.

perception is everythingPicture credit – Pixabay

1. Say No To Effortlessness:

If we think we can sail the sea without breaking a sweat then that is obviously an expectation which is quite “unrealistic”. A practice that could help us in achieving long term goals is to change our mind set in such a way that we find fantasy and puzzle in every challenge we face. We know that as the day change things do change as well.

We don’t have innate brilliance, but we cultivated skills and mind-set that helped us to achieve our milestones. Whoever we are, a student or a professional; we are going to face challenges. Our brain is a muscle like every other in our body and it needs to be challenged in order to grow. At the end, it is all about changing our mental attitude. Change is constant and to lead a happy life you need to change constantly.

2. Practice makes the man Perfect :

Daniel Coyle (2009) describes a quote in his book ”The Talent Code” which explains that success is not born through innate talent but it is created through efforts. Never underestimate the power of practice. We may think Cristiano Ronaldo was born with an innate talent of footballing. But only few of us know that that his success is the outcome of his constant practice and efforts.

There resides a belief in us that forces us to refuse to attempt something in which we don’t believe. May be because we believe we don’t pose that inborn talent. What if we can just do some improvements in our mindset. What if we devote our hours in practicing for the talent we want to cultivate and ultimately acquire our goals. Every practice is a learning process.

“There is a difference between ordinary and extra-ordinary and that is practice. So keep practicing.”